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This is an adventure and entertainment excursion that takes place in Punta Cana, where we will visit our beautiful Macao beach and then go through the typical Dominican ranch, where we will see the presentation of cocoa, coffee, cane sugar, mama Juana, vanilla, cinnamon , tobacco and here we can also buy authentic Punta Cana subeniles and take a delicious bath in the blue waters in the macao cave.

requirements: You must have a driver's license to take the tour

Minimum age: 5 years

Pick up location: Hotel lobby


  1. We pick up at the hotel at the indicated time 

2. We go to the ranch to receive the instructions of our tour

3. We will go to the typical Dominican Ranch where we will show you the production of coffee, cocoa, caña de azúcar  handmade tobacco, mamajuana and in addition to trying each one of them.

4.Then we go to Macao beach to enjoy the best experience

5. As the last of the tour we headed to the Taina cave


 Bring a towel from the hotel.

 Sun cream

 Scarves

 Lenses

 Shorts

 Slippers

 Some money in case you want to buy something during the tour.

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